Snow Plowing Service

Snow Plowing

Staking of Lots
Prior to November 1st, we stake the entrances and curbs lines and the edge of hard surfaces. We also may stake any hazards or areas we need to pay particular attention to, such as fire hydrants, mail boxes, or storm sewer grates.

Snowfall Trigger
We begin snow plowing upon 2 inches of snowfall. Snow falls of less than 2 inches will be treated by salting/ sanding upon request.

Deadlines for Completion

  1. Snowfalls up to 8 inches that end by 12:00 am (midnight) will be completed by (7:00 am).
  2. Storms not ending before 12:00 am (midnight) may require complete parking lot plowing while it is still snowing, with another complete plow required the following night.
  3. Snow falls that happen during the daytime hours may require pass through plowing to open-up driveways and parking lots while the storm is still occurring, and a complete plow required the following night.


  1. We plow the bulk of the snow to the ends of the parking lots, away from buildings. If the turf is not frozen to support the plow vehicles, or if curbs prevent plow vehicles from accessing turf areas, or in cases of frequent snow falls or snowfalls with large precipitation, piles may become a problem for traffic and/or reduce parking spots requiring moving of piles at the Client’s expense.
  2. The Client is entitled to three (3) “No Questions Asked” snowplowing service calls.

Sidewalk Shoveling

  1. We shovel or snow blow sidewalks upon ½ inch snowfall.
  2. We treat sidewalks with cement safe de-icing material.

Parking Lot De-Icing

  1. We treat snowfalls of less than 2 inches by mechanical spreading of either salt or a sand and salt mix at an additional charge.

Snow Depth Accumulation

  1. We measure snowfall at the Client property on asphalt to be plowed in areas neither drifted over nor blown clear.

On-Site Salt


  1. Salt Boxes: Custom built and painted. Scoop included. Price varies depending on size.

  2. Salt Bins: 50 Gallon Rubbermaid bin with scoop. Filled and Delivered. Choice of salt or a sand/salt mixture.





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